About DM

What is DM?

DM is a modern messaging platform that lets anyone build a community. DM is available as a web site, as an app (coming soon), and can be accessed via SMS text message. Members can post text, images and movies and discuss existing posts. Community managers can invite members, set access and permissions, and chat with members using real-time chat and SMS.

Who can use DM?

DM is available to anyone! Creating a community requires applying to our waitlist. SMS capability is limited to the US, Canada, Mexico, and a few other countries in North America. (Read more)

How do I create a community?

Sign up for DM and click “Create a Community”. You will be prompted to enter information about the community you want to create. New communities require approval.

How much does DM cost?

DM is completely free for basic features and functionality. We will never show ads or sell user data. If you offer a premium membership for your community, DM keeps a percentage of the revenue. (Read more)

How do I download DM?

A mobile application for iOS and Android is coming soon.

Does DM care about privacy?

We care strongly about user privacy. Community managers can set access controls on group membership and posting privileges. DM stores the minimal amount of information possible about every user, and we do not use invasive tracking and analytics software. You can review our privacy policy here.

How do I contact DM?

If you’re logged in, simply click Support Chat to chat with our support team. You can also email us at support@dm.app.

How do I get help?

If you have more questions, please review our help site at help.dm.app

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